Elder Undue Influence

This web page is being developed in an effort to help inform people about the effects of undue influence on vulnerable elders. While this new site is under construction, here are a few places you can start on your journey to find more about Elder Undue Influence.

Relatives of Elder Financial Exploitation victims have tried to keep their stories alive with web pages such as:

... and books, such as

A very small sampling of the many times our neighbors, friends and relatives are being financially exploited can be found in ElderUndueInfluence.org/stories. If you have your own to tell, you can share it anonymously using the questionnaire located at ElderAware.org/modules/ElderSurvey/.

While this web page will focus on Undue Influence in Elders, several pointers to papers, books and web sites on all forms of Elder Abuse can be found at: ElderAware.org.